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Helping professional and business women create inner wealth so that they can experience the path to the luxurious life.


Safe yourself time by developing  clarity in your vision, your goal now.


Gain the confidence to know that you can take a dream and make it a reality.


Feel joy and happiness in every area of your life because you are enjoying the pursuit of your potential.


Build the inner wealth to experience abundance and prosperity outwardly.


It's Time To Create Your Wealth

Tap into the wealth that makes you feel alive.

Does this sound familiar? You have worked so hard in your life to attain a level of success to provide for your needs, but you're realizing it has not brought you happiness or fulfillment. You're stuck in a routine of doing the same things that keep giving you the same results.


You may have money, but the things you value most have been pushed aside. You desire more time with your family, more time for vacations, better relationships, better health, more purpose.

I want to show you how you can have it all. 


Are you ready 
for a new life?

Your breakthrough awaits

Are you ready to experience more freedom in your life? More time with family? More joyful experiences in your life? Are you ready to feel alive again?

I want you to know there is a better way of doing things, a better way to getting the results you want, and creating the life you desire. 

You have been looking for something more and I want to show you how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Gain the clarity and confidence to pursue your dream and feel fulfilled.

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What I Offer

Monthly live events both online and in-person to educate and inspire change.

Live Events


Group of amazing women who inspire each other towards the attainment of their own goals.

Group Coaching


Get 1-on-1 coaching with Farida for a more personalized system and accountability for success.

Private Coaching

Your Path To Becoming A Wealthy Woman

The Wealth Formula

Schedule A Connection Call

Let's talk about you, your dream, your goals, and your desires.


Develop a Custom Roadmap

I'll create a customized plan to get you from where you are to where you want to go.


Create the Inner Wealth

Follow a proven process of daily activities to make changes from the inside out.


Experience the Wealth Woman

Experience freedom, clarity, and purpose while having more time & money for what matters most.


Providing women with the knowledge, accountability, & support to experience freedom and fulfillment. 

- Farida Ryan

Working Together

For A More Luxurious Life

Farida Ryan was a pediatrician doctor for 25+ years after being a sick child herself. She developed a passion for helping children. 

Farida grew up in a household where she never felt love from her parents and therefore she didn't feel the love for herself. This led her to push and push to be successful, but despite her accomplishments, she never felt happy or fulfilled. 


She found awakening through personal development and after 20 years of study and working with gurus like Bob Proctor, Farida helps women create inner wealth, so they can experience wealth, abundance, and happiness outwardly. 

Coffee with Friends


Every time I talk with you, I feel very energetic, happy and excited! I am so grateful for the tools I have learned in this program and the confidence it has given me to pursue my passions and dreams in life.


Daniele, CEO

She helped me achieve results I couldn't have imagined myself achieving a couple of years ago. The thing is if you follow exactly what she tells you to follow and do what she asks you to do, you will get what you want. 



Farida's mentorship has been the greatest ever. Her program has so far increased my self confidence and has allowed me to be aware of how the mind works, my mind works.

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